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Unity Flooring's Additional Home Services

Additional Services

At Unity Flooring & Interiors, we pride ourselves on not just being flooring specialists but a comprehensive solution for homeowners in Ft. Myers. Dive into our extensive array of services that ensure your home’s beauty is unmatched both inside and out.

Painting: Bringing Precision & Professionalism to Every Stroke

High-Quality Application

Our skilled painters take pride in their precision. With a steady hand, they ensure even coats and sharp lines, bringing about a pristine finish to your walls and ceilings.

Premium Quality Paints

Using only the top-grade paint brands, we guarantee durability and a brilliant finish. The vibrant colors remain intact, ensuring that your walls exude freshness for years.

Clean & Efficient Service

We respect your home. Our team meticulously covers furniture and flooring, ensuring no paint spills or splatters disrupt your space. Once completed, we leave your area spotless, with walls that speak of perfection.

Drywall: The Unsung Hero of Home Interiors

Seamless Repairs

Whether it’s a minor dent or significant damage, our experts bring walls back to life, ensuring they’re smooth and ready for any decorative venture.

Installation Excellence

Starting from scratch? Trust in our team to install your drywall to perfection, creating a robust canvas for all your interior endeavors.

Trim/Doors: Details that Make a Difference

Crafted Trims

From baseboards to crown molding, the right trim can elevate a room’s elegance. Our selection ensures you find the perfect detailing for every room.

Door Installation & Refinement

Doors are more than just entryways; they’re style statements. Whether you seek modern simplicity or classic grandeur, we fit and refine doors that enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Demolition: Making Way for the New

Safe & Structured Demolition

Our trained professionals employ advanced techniques and tools, ensuring the demolition is safe, systematic, and sets the stage for your renovation projects.

Debris Cleanup

Post-demolition, we don’t leave you amidst the rubble. Our cleanup crew ensures that all debris is removed, giving you a clean slate to reimagine and rebuild.

Why Choose Unity Flooring for Additional Services?

Unity Flooring & Interiors isn’t just about the ground you walk on. Our dedication to holistic home solutions, combined with a commitment to quality, makes us Ft. Myers’ trusted partner for all things home. Whether you’re rejuvenating a single room or overhauling your entire home, our suite of services ensures every corner radiates perfection.

Get in touch with our team today. From the first brush stroke of paint to the final sweep post-demolition, Unity Flooring & Interiors is with you every step of the way. Experience seamless service that transforms homes and elevates living spaces.

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